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August 28, 2010
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Knite Contest: Jei by MidNight14 Knite Contest: Jei by MidNight14
Ahh I had to break the chain for Circus D. (which can be seen here: [link]) just to work on this. I'll get back to introducing the rest of the characters soon once I find the time to do so.

My entry for the :iconknite-fliers:'s contest. More info can be found here: [link]
Yay my second attempt in a contest held on dA!

I dedicate this pic to one of my awesome friends- *hikariix :heart: Thank you so much for everything! *3*

This is Jei~

I'm not really good at story telling, but here I go D;

So Jei kind of likes to tell stories to his little cousins, nephews, and nieces whenever he has to take care of them. In one of his stories, he mentions that there is a fairy princess (or mystical being?) that brings out the stars at night. However, the fairy cannot bring out all the stars by herself so she needs helpers (aka the Knites). Towards the end of the story, Jei mentions to his little siblings that he is one of the fairy's "helpers" who bring out the stars at night, and that there are more people like him who are helping the fairy. After hearing this, his siblings get reaaaally giddy about Jei being a helper...then all cuteness takes over XD;;;

Jei actually has a twin sister, however they were separated at birth. His parents didn't really expect twins when they were born and due to the whole One-Child policy, and the fact that boys were preferred more over girls, his sister had to be given away. He flies his kite that represents a girl (aka his sister/fairy) hoping that his sister can see it since he doesn't know where she is. He hopes that they can someday meet.

Extra info: Jei is secretly basing the fairy off his sister XD;

(Edit 2: ^ Bleeh that part kinda got boring D: )


Whooo okay, that was waaaay longer than I imagined it orz Isn't kinda funny how folk tales or so-called stories can hide the truth about reality? Just like how Jei is "twisting" the fairy story to "sugarcoat" the fact that the cause for the disappearance of the stars is due to man. LOL stop sending subliminal messages to the kids Jei!! *SHOT*

Now about the picture (Yay more text! *shot*) I'm not too happy about the fence but it'll have to do. Some fences are messed up in real life anyway DX Uggh he's supposed to be smiling a little, but I guess you can't see it >_< The coloring was both fun and tedious and askdjgbaefeadv I think I died a little ahahahaha....
The process took about 2-3 weeks and very laaaate nights *dies* But in all, I kind of like how it turned out =)

Jei's kite is so manly you know you love it~<3 DX

There are many many great entries so far and omg so many good ones! This shows the fact how many fans adore and support `yuumei and her works. :heart:

And if you haven't already, please read Knite~ A truly awesome and beautifully drawn story :heart:
Chapter one can be found here: [link]

Edit: Lol at least I made it to top 50 orz

Please do not use, copy, repost, edit, etc. anywhere without my permission first! Thank you~
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I really like it! <3 The shading is beautiful... ^^
Um China's one child law is acutrally a one birth law. So if somone had twins they would be able to keep them both.
Ahh thanks for letting me know. I remember learning about the law a loooong time ago, so I guess my memory was a little iffy about that portion at the moment. I should have researched it again just to double check. Thanks again though!
No problem it is a easy mistake to make.
Awww the story behind him as so cute and his kite is so adorable *~* ♥
Good Luck for the contest :heart:!
Thank you so much!
Ahh sadly I didn't make it to top 10 but at least I made it to top 50 XD;
You're wellcome
Top 50 is still something you can be proud of :nod: :huggle:
xenopyro Sep 1, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
nice : )
hikariix Aug 30, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I really like the details on the kite :D And I'm glad that the story came through! The glowy aspects are awesome and I love the expression on his face.

Aaahh I really like the kite! (I know I said that already) but it really looks like...a professionally made kite. Omfg I don't know how else to explain it XD
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